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Expander head  * 36 inch_46 inch *
Expander head * 36 inch_46 inch *

Petropedam Ltd was established in Shamsabad Industrial Park near to Tehran in 2000, and works for maximum customer satisfaction in pumping facilities. Petropedam is increasingly a service partner and provides complete pumping systems including different type of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps and spare parts based on API, DIN, NFPA standards.

Petropedam is the first Iranian manufacturer of Reciprocating pump, recognized for excellent product quality, performance reliability and technical innovation. We provide a full line of pumps, equipment and related technologies to the Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbon Processing, Power Generation, Water and Wastewater industries.

Petropedam offers the reliable and superior quality energy efficient pumps. Our Group is dedicated to ongoing research towards developing innovative products with new materials and processes. It is our aim to constantly introduce outstanding new pumps and pumping systems that satisfy the markets’ needs for effective, reliable, energy-efficient solutions. Quality is the key in all Petropedam products. This compels us to focus on construction and design and to take special care when selecting materials and production methods. We use advanced fabrication technology and produce most components ourselves, ensuring high productivity, and a healthy working environment, both inside and outside of Petropedam.


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