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Expander head  * 36 inch_46 inch *
Expander head * 36 inch_46 inch *
The 23rd international Oli , GAS , REFIINING& PETROCHEMICAL EXHIBITION 2018
Internal Report (May 2018)
This year, Petropedam Eng. Co participated in the 23rd international exhibition of Oil, Gas, and Refining & Petrochemical of Tehran (06 to 09 May 2018).
Due to the name of this year which has been called “Support of Iranian productions “, therefore Petropedam unveiled a number of its own new products at the exhibition as below:
1- Mud pump F-1600 (1600 hp & 1193 KW): This has been made for the first time in Iran by Petropedam Co. This model is very popular to use in Iran as portion of Iranian drilling rigs then from now on, we could provide this type of pump & its spare parts, then no need to import from overseas. Also we had shown our last model of our mud pump in medium size with 750 hp which is usually used in the work over rigs.
2- Hot oil pump: due to specific operation of this type of pump for high heat tolerance (up to 350 degrees) therefore, it could be applicable in the various industries such as food, oil & petrochemical too. Also this pump is available in the different sizes in the market.
3- Special Mobile sewage pump which is working as dual purpose, on land & underwater too. This type of pump has been made specifically for Red Crescent organization.
Please note that Petropedam Managing Director was nominated to receive a special award of Iran’s oil industry leading private sector in the last day of exhibition period. It was symbol of honor for him as Iranian Manufacturer.
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Innovation of Petropedam
Since the past years, Petropedam management focused on elimination of issues on the rigs requirements in Iran. Considering the fact that one of the most important equipment in the drilling rig would be mud pump package, as such we have finally manufactured these types of pumps here in Petropedam as exclusive products with following descriptions:
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Mud Pump
Design system was reverse engineering from Triplex Mud Pump F- 1600 from USA with 1600hp. Due to not completed yet, Petropedam has not assigned any name for this production yet. At the present time, we have some orders to reserve purchasing of this first type of pump. Actually
80 % of pump completion process has been finished. This product will show in the next oil & gas exhibition 1397, in PetroPedam open booth in the yard.
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River pump
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Mission Pump
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Other pumps
Petropedam usually searching in the local market for high demand pumps fabricated in overseas , therefore Petropedam focus on its own new products such as below :
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