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Expander head  * 36 inch_46 inch *
Expander head * 36 inch_46 inch *
Mud Pump
Design system was reverse engineering from Triplex Mud Pump F- 1600 from USA with 1600hp. Due to not completed yet, Petropedam has not assigned any name for this production yet. At the present time, we have some orders to reserve purchasing of this first type of pump. Actually
80 % of pump completion process has been finished. This product will show in the next oil & gas exhibition 1397, in PetroPedam open booth in the yard.


Mission: Pumping of Mud to the wells.

Design: Reverse engineering from original brand named F-1600  

Specification of pump:  max. 1000 m³/h , max. 95 m, max. 3600 rpm, max. 350 °C

Original manufacturer: USA

Product name in Petropedam: Not assigned yet


End user: Drilling Companies

Clients: MAPNA, NAFT KAV, NDCo., NIDC, TABIBIR Drilling. Etc.

Years of manufacturing: This project is ongoing, but estimation for completion is 2018

Advantage of our production: Localization / Spare Parts


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